Transition to Manager Workshop

A 3-day workshop designed for transitioning supervisors, new managers and emerging leaders

Transition to Manager

This 3-day workshop will introduce persons to the strategic elements of management. The required skills of communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, performance management and defining objectives will be discussed in detail. Participants will learn the importance of managing effectively while achieving organisational goals and objectives.


Participants of this workshop will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the transition from individual contributor to the role of manager, to identify the strategic performance elements required for management positions and to guide others successfully through organisational and professional change.

Topic to be covered

Topics to be covered in this workshop include:
 Introduction to Management
 Understanding Power and Politics in the Organisation-Critical to your transition
 Strategic Management Essentials
 High Performance Organisations versus Traditional Organisation-Defining Culture
 Defining Individual Performance Expectations-Setting the Climate
 Understanding where you fit in the organisation
 Strategic Communication in the Workplace
 Constructive and Practical Feedback
 Strategic Decision-Making Skills
 Motivation is Key-Keeping employees motivated
 Dealing with conflict
 Overcoming Obstacles in the Workplace
 Managing Change
 Reporting and Feedback-Critical Learning Elements

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Programme Dates: October 16th-18th, 2019
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Programme Cost: $4,000
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