Negotiation Strategies Workshop

Applying effective negotiation techniques to drive profitability across your organisation

Negotiation Strategies

Negotiations are an integral part of our personal and corporate experiences. This workshop equips participants with the contemporary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to engage in effective negotiations. Participants of this workshop will learn to communicate politely and assertively, to negotiate concepts from different perspectives an to make sound decisions under pressure among other concepts.


Participants of the Negotiation Strategies Workshop will learn key concepts in negotiation strategies. Whether closing a private/commercial deal or participating in collective bargaining, participants will explore strategies and concepts that will enhance your confidence and competence in this area.

Topic to be covered

Some of the topics to be covered in this workshop include:
• Understanding the context and purpose of the negotiation
• Exploring the status, objectives, and interests of stakeholders
• Assessing the impact of outcomes on stakeholders and other parties
• Preparing personally or corporately for the negotiating process
• Examining negotiation tactics and their applications
• Identifying and avoiding common negotiating pitfalls
• Knowing when and how to effectively close a deal

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Programme Date: September 26th-27th,2019
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Programme Cost: $3,500
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