Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Workshop

Marketing in a Digitalised Environment

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop

Get Ready to Embrace Marketing 3.0 

This course gives participants an in-depth look at digital marketing strategy and provides practical insight into how organizations operating in the Caribbean are using digital marketing tools to attract and sustain consumer relationships. Participants will be equipped to craft high level digital strategies incorporating a myriad of digital platforms.

This programme would be beneficial to:

Mid- to senior-level marketing professionals responsible for developing marketing strategies in B2B and B2C companies.
Marketing, Product Development, Operations, and Strategic Planning professionals who want to broaden their digital marketing expertise.
Entrepreneurs who develop digital marketing initiatives for their companies.


The Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop will cover creating framworks for a digital marketing strategy, evaluating communication tactics that employ Facebook Audience Network and Google Display Network. Participants will evaluate key technologies and digital tools available for marketing and understand how to use mobile and customised media to target customers more.

Topic to be covered

Topics to be covered include:
● Unit 1 – Trends in consumer expectations
● Unit 2 – The Structure of a Digital Marketing Strategy
● Unit 3 – Facebook Audience Network Tactics
● Unit 4 – Google Display Network Tactics
● Unit 5 – Digital Marketing Technologies and Tools
● Unit 6 – Mobile Marketing Tactics
● Unit 7 – Reporting on digital marketing campaigns

The programme is designed with an intertwined action-oriented learning and implementation
structure for each step of the programme.
Each module is:
• designed as an active learning process
• systematically testing what you have learned in the company context before the next module

Peer to Peer Learning – Two volunteers with the on-line support of the facilitator, will prepare the Teach/Lead
Implementation Assessment session starting the next module.

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Programme Date: September 28th, 30th, October 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 2020
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Programme Cost: TT $4,000/ US $600
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299-0218 ext. 189/139

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