Crafting Powerful Proposals Workshop

A practical approach to proposal writing and development.

Crafting Powerful Proposals

This workshop is designed to train participants to write effective, clear, and concise project proposals. It will also cover the fundamentals of project planning to assist them with designing, implementing, monitoring, and controlling their respective projects. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop and complete actual project proposals during the course of the workshop.


Participants that complete this programme will be able to understand the basic concepts and purpose of effective proposal writing and identify the characteristics of a complete and quality proposal. In addition, participants will be required to prepare a structured and technically sound project proposal.

Topic to be covered

* Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management
* Developing Project Goals/Objectives
* Key Components of Effective Proposals
* Writing a winning proposal
* Developing the Budget
* Funding Requirements

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Programme Date: March 25th – 26th, 2019
Programme Cost: $3,500
Telephone: 645-6700 ext. 367

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