Content Marketing Workshop

Enhance marketing efforts by creating, distributing and promoting all types of digital content

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Workshop is designed to significantly enhance marketing efforts through providing a framework and strategic approaches for the marketer/ creator to create, distribute and promote all types of digital content. The workshop teaches participants how to design and optimise strategies to roll-out their content to the right audiences for maximum effectiveness. It includes strategies for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Google Search.


Participants, upon completing this workshop, will gain an appreciation of the use of content marketing in business an understand its role. Participants will be able to design a content strategy that is performance driven that will bring about better relationships with customers, adopt SEO principles and practices to ensure optimal performance content search engines.

This workshop is designed to allow participants to identify publishing tools that can be used to efficiently schedule and publish content to reach multiple audiences. Participants will be able to create content based on their customer’s needs and intentions, analyse the performance of their content as it relates to website traffic and discuss the different social media channels and their appropriate use to achieve different objectives.

Topic to be covered

Topics to be covered include:

1. What is content marketing?
2. Framework for Content Marketing Strategies
3. Content Marketing Objectives
4. Targeting
5. Value Proposition, Brand Values and Content Themes
6. Content Channels
7. Content Formats
8. Social Media Channels
9. Publishing Tools
10. SEO Fundamentals
11. User Generated Content
12. Google Analytics Fundamentals

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Programme Details:
Class Dates: February 27th, 28th, March 6th, 7th & 13th, 2021
Class Times: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Mode of Delivery: Online via the Zoom Software Platform
Programme Cost: $4,000
Contact: 299-0218 ext. 189/286

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