Professional Certificate in

Personal and Organisational Leadership

Are we experiencing a leadership crisis in our organisations?

Professional Certificate in

Leadership is identified as the main reason organisations succeed
or fail, making it the first priority for development in the quest to
grow or turnaround the organisation. This is true for all
organisational forms – public, private or non-profit and across all
areas of social life.

This 5-modular programme is offered over a period of three (3)
months and provides participants with the roadmap and
competencies to lead themselves and others to attain success.
Participants will be engaged in introspective exercises, case
studies, role-plays and small-group discussions in order to
interrogate their views and address their personal and
organisational challenges.

Learning Objectives

Leadership development must focus on leading oneself, and then leading others. One must first understand the pathway to leadership development and develop measures of leadership success, both tangible and intangible.

Participants in this programme will:
* Explore the tenets of leadership across cultures and over time to
distill the fundamental principles of leadership.
* Define the road-map for personal leadership development.
* Engage in the process of introspection for increased self-awareness.
* Examine the power of purpose at the individual and organisational levels.
* Explore the biological basis of our emotions and practices to develop
emotional mastery.
* Explore business models within their organisations and develop visioning strategies to direct organisational advancement.
* Join a leadership community for authentic, moral and responsible


Modules to be covered in this programme include:
1. Principles of Leadership – What it takes to Lead
2. The Power of Purpose: Personal and Organisational
3. Understanding and Mastering the Emotions
4. Conversational Intelligence for a Positive Work Culture
5. Leading in a VUCAH Environment

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Duration of Programme: 3 month programme (5 modules)
Programme start date: November 9th, 2019
Programme Cost: TTD$ 12,000
Early registration and payment plans available
Contact: 645-6700 ext. 330/286

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