Professional Certificate in

New Product Development and Innovation

Equipping visionary businesses to deliver the next generation of innovative products and services

Professional Certificate in

New Product Development and Innovation

The landscape of products and services have significantly evolved and diversified over time. As technology advances, so too does the appetite and expectations of customers.

This programme is designed to equip participants to discover the unmet needs of customers and to design products and services that would resonate in the market and gain high levels of adoption by
customers. This practical and hands-on workshop would expose to techniques and practices used by top product design and innovation firms globally. In just ten teaching days, participants will go from idea to prototype to pitch.

Learning Objectives

The Professional Certificate in New Product Development and Innovation is designed to allow participants to identify and outline unmet needs of customers for a given product or service, use different techniques for ideation, design and prototype a product/service and use digital product planning and prototyping tools.

Participants of this workshop must be prepared to develop their original ideas.


1. Introduction to Practical Product Design and Development
2. Product Planning
3. User Story Mapping
4. Prototyping
5. Practice with InvisionApp
6. Hands-on Product Prototyping
7. Iterating your design
8. Presenting and Launching your product/service
9. Product Launch Presentations

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Programme Start Date: May 18th, 2019
Programme Cost: TTD$10,500. Inclusive of refreshments, training material and manuals
(Early registration Price and Payment Plan available)
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