Professional Certificate in

Countering the Financing of Terrorism

Examine the key elements of Terrorist Financing and Terrorism

Professional Certificate in

Countering the Financing of Terrorism

This fifteen module course provides a critical overview of the key elements of Terrorist Financing and Terrorism. Students will be exposed to several methods of open source analysis, an overview of the various sanctioning regimes, TF indicators, exploring conventional and unconventional terror financing methods and building subject profiles.

Learning Objectives

Professionals will examine various trends and typologies across different jurisdictions through the use of case studies, class discussions, live examples and analysis of previous and emerging terror threats.


The duration of each class is expected to be between 2 – 21/2 hours. Students are expected to devote approximately 2 hours each week reading pertinent open source articles and scholarly work in the area of terrorism and countering the financing of terrorism, conducting research, taking self-corrected quizzes and completing other homework.
Module 1. Introduction to AML/Anti-Terrorism/CFT Ecosystem
Module 2 Overview of Counter Financing of Terrorism/Anti-Terrorism
Module 3 Sanctioning Bodies and Recommendations on CFT – EU, UN, US
Module 4 Fundamental differences between money laundering and terrorist financing
Module 5 Terrorism and the Global Impact
Module 6 CFT/TF Threat Assessment – Understanding TF Risks
Module 7 Know Your Customer
Module 8 Customer Due Diligence and Non-Profit Organisations
Module 9 – Enhanced Due Diligence and Retrospective Due Diligence
Module 10 Compliance Responsibility
Module 11 Reporting (STR’s) on suspected terrorism and terrorist financing
Module 12 Confiscation of terrorist’s property
Module 13 The FTF phenomena
Module 14 Social Media for propaganda and crowd funding
Module 15 Cybercrime and Terrorism

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