The Conference Experience

WIL is an experience: an interaction with powerful women and women who use their power and influence to make a difference on all levels of society – women like YOU.

The 2016 Theme

“The Spirit of Woman. Realise your Freedom”

Is there a force that drives us to be perceptive, relentless, resilient?

At WIL 2016, we say a resounding yes! And not only do we affirm the resilient spirit of woman- we invite you to rejuvenate yours! This year, attend to rediscover the keys behind your drive- taking a journey with powerful women who are at the summit of personal and professional success- and aspire to ever greater heights!


Our Speakers

Dawnna St. Louis

Dawnna St. Louis, was a homeless teenager who, at 25 years old, managed to turn a kitchen-table idea into a $100M business consultancy operating in 25 countries.  

In her early adulthood, she took daring risks – or rather leveraged her unique qualities - to grasp unique opportunities that advanced her career- all against the backdrop of an uncertain horizon.  

A charismatic game changer with edgy humour, Dawnna will inspire WIL 2016 participants with her deep business know-how, her mind-shifting content and most of all- her electrifying story of the power of choice and the spirit of woman.  

"You are not a product, but you do have a story. Your story reveals itself in every action you take, every email you respond to, how responsible you are and how you present yourself. Your story is built on the actions you take and repeated when you are not in the room." - Dawnna St. Louis  

Kamla Persad - Bissessar

First Female Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago

Karina Chez

CEO, Activist & Social Entrepreneur

Margaret Kistow

Humanitarian and Founder of a Home for displaced children

Asiya Mohammed

Social Entrepreneur

Gina Gonzales

Visually Impaired Entrepreneur

Hulsie Bhaggan

Activist and Administrator at New Life Ministries Rehabilitation Centres

Zalayhar Hassanali

Former First Lady of Trinidad and Tobago

Maria Isabel Najera Cifuentes

President, Panamerican Business School

Our panellists have and share a unique story of leadership – from their places in high office, in the boardroom, the office, the hospital, the NGO, within their community or from their own start-up.  

Each one has harnessed their power to be powerful – by breaking the glass ceiling, climbing the ladder and being icons of service to society.  

Join our exceptional speakers and re-ignite your power of choice, your purpose, your spirit to achieve your goals.

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More reasons to attend? Invest in yourself

Increase Influence, improve performance and inspire action.
Increase your capacity to inspire and empower others in your sphere of influence helping you to fulfil your purpose.
Leverage your unique qualities- your spirit as a woman - to enhance your leadership skills.
Ignite creativity and the unleash the power within you to overcome fear and uncertainty.

Your path to purpose, power and self-discovery begins here!

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