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ALJGSB Debate Club hosts 3rd Workshop on the “Art of Debate”

IMG 9111The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (ALJGSB) Debate Club hosted its 3rd Art of Debate Workshop on Saturday 13th May, 2017 at its North Campus, Mt. Hope from 9am to 12pm.

IMG 9054The 1st half of the workshop featured a presentation by Ms. Cara Singh, Attorney at Law and Judicial Research Counsel II with Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago who spoke on the value of debating and gave participants tips for effective debating. In the 2nd half of the workshop, students had to deliver a 5 minute individual debate presentation and were given instant feedback on their performance by Ms. Cara Singh and Mr. Keegan Bharath, ALJGSB Debate Club Manager. Participants were assigned speaking roles i.e. either for FOR or AGAINST for their respective topics prior to the workshop and they debated the following motions:

Topic 1: “The obligation to provide safe haven for refugees should outweigh a government’s right to control its borders”.

Topic 2: “It is wrong to raise money for social welfare through national lotteries”.

Featured speaker Ms. Cara Singh reflected on her experience of the 3rd Art of Debate Workshop:

"I enjoyed working with the students who attended the ALJGSB's 3rd Art of Debate Workshop. The event was organized and planned well in advance. It was also a pleasure to correspond with Mr. Bharath. He clearly articulated the goals of the event and I was easily able to craft the content around his synopsis. The students were interactive, unafraid of questioning the speaker and came prepared for their presentations. I hope that this event has increased the level of student interest in the art of debating."

Workshop Participants’ Testimonials:

Curtis K. Ward, MIIE Student:

“I was honestly impressed by the presenters, video contents and in class discussions by each student that participated”.

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