Lok Jack GSB IT Expo brings Tech Innovation together

Lok Jack GSB IT Expo brings Tech Innovation together

“In order for Trinidad and Tobago to move forward with the rest of the world we need entrepreneurs, risk takers and persons willing to go against the status quo.” These were the words of Mr. Brevard Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO of Caribbean Ideas Limited, featured speaker at theArthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business’ 1st annual Information Technology Expo at its Mt. Hope Campus on March 25th, 2017. Themed “Innovate IT. Automate IT. Execute IT” the IT Expo was designed for participants to gain insights on global industry knowledge and current trends in IT from IT experts.

Nelson continued, “With the talent our country has, there is no reason why the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs cannot be a Trini.” The event featured several speakers from varying IT backgrounds and began with and commenced with a webinar from renowned IT University in India, Aptech Limited. AptechIndia will be partnering with the Lok Jack GSB to offer App Development programmes in iOS and Android. Ms. Dhutri Shah, Assistant Manager, Retail International of Aptech India, discussed App innovation and highlighted the relevance of apps and how it can be customized and be part of our everyday lives such as: cars, homes and even agriculture. Additonally, Calvin Bryant, Founder and Partner of C7 USA and C7 Caribbean touched on the digital mesh, now and in the future and he advised participants “don’t think apps, think mobile!” highlighting specifically that “desktops have become obsolete and apps function to solve problems and execute quickly.”

The event also featured Mr. Faheem Mohammed, Programme Director of the Master of Information System and Technology Management at the Lok Jack GSB, who affirmed, “getting the technology right is the first step then you re-question, rethink, re-examine everything and see what becomes possible.” Closing the event on a high note, Mr. Arthur Phidd, Director of Calibra Solutions, covered “Business Intelligence: A means to IT service improvement.” He illustrated how the IT leader is a consumer of analytics and showed how data is dispersed globally. This data he expressed, should be used for decision-making and to improve service levels.

Exhibitors were given the chance to host booths for participants to engage and network with and included companies such as : Calibra Solutions, Teleios Systems, Massy Communications, iWorldTT, Wee Services, C7, Value Optical and more.

For more on the App Development Programmes, Master of Information Systems and Technology Management and the Professional Certificate in Business Analytics, Data Science and Decision-Making, contact the Business School at openenrolment@lokjackgsb.edu.tt or recruitment@lokjackgsb.edu.tt.

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