Lok Jack GSB emerges Debate Titans!

Lok Jack GSB emerges Debate Titans!

On October 20th 2016, the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business Debate Team emerged victorious in the Clash of Debate Titans: Issues in Tertiary Education Debate Competition 2016 against the UWI STAAPS Debate Team in the Yara Auditorium, Mt. Hope Campus.

The Lok Jack Team GSB composed of First Opposition Speaker and Summary Speaker, Randolph Boodoo; Second Opposition Speaker, Nicole Brown and Alternate Speaker, Nigel Tenia. Boodoo and Brown are current students of the International MBA Programme while Tenia is enrolled in the International Masters in Strategic Marketing.

The UWI STAAPS Team were represented by Vera Ramlal, First Proposition Speaker; Seon Raymond, Second Proposition Speaker and Summary Speaker and Sion Faria as Alternate Speaker.

Guided by Lok Jack GSB Advisors, Dr. Kamla Mungal; Director, Accreditation and Quality Enhancement Centre, Dr. Marcia Headley; Assistant Programme Director, International MBA and Mr. Keegan Bharath, Debate Team Manager, Team GSB crafted a provokingly insightful case against the motion: “Be it resolved that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago cover all tuition expenses for Tertiary Level students who pursue any area of study, including studies that do not align with national development goals.”

The Adjudicator panel consisted of Helen Drayton; Educator & Former Independent Senator, Sunita Maharaj; Media Consultant and Managing Director of the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies; and Trevor Oliver, Education Consultant & Former President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association with Journalist and Current Deputy Head of News at Citadel Limited, Mr. Sterling Henderson as the Moderator.

In their case against the motion, the Adjudicators commended the performance of Team ALJGSB noting collectively commenting, “The presentation style was compelling, convincing, and demonstrated critical thinking. The team made excellent use of time, the substance was robust and persuasive, and the presentation was well structured.”

On their strong Summary, they further indicated, “The GSB Team focused on free education that generates equality, innovation, problem resolution in the context of the wider societal goals, and they effectively brought in the issue of social equity by recommending a Means Testing System that would support such.”

Sponsored by the Unit Trust Corporation, Radio Vision and EatSoular; the winning ALJGSB Team each received TT$1000 worth in shares from UTC; a basket from Eat Soular and the Challenge Trophy.

This victory adds to the debate prowess of the Business School as the reigning Integrity Matters Tertiary Level Debates Competition winners. Present at the Clash was Latoya Richards, member of the reigning team who noted:

“I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I knew that ALJGSB would be awarded the victory and as a former student and present alum, I am elated that the reputation for excellence at the institution would be maintained.”

Present at the Debate Clash also was the North Gate Debate Team and their teachers. Previously, the reigning ALJGSB’s Debate Team were invited to speak at NorthGate College on the art of debate and best practices in the field. After which, Latoya Richards and Keegan Bharath were invited to judge their internal Debate Competition.

The Lok Jack GSB wishes to extend congratulations to the ALJGSB Debate Team and supporters on their victory and extend special thanks to the Advisors, Adjudicators and Sponsors for their support.

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