“The library is a platform for self development, a gateway to knowledge and a catalyst for the imagination.”

– Tony Blair, Former British Prime Minister

About the The Republic Bank Library and Information Resource Centre

The Republic Bank Library was opened to students on the 12th September 2005. The Library prides itself in the provision of a quiet, clean and comfortable place for reading, research and learning. The Library houses over 1000 books and reference material including Practicum, CD’s and Journals. The Library provides access to over 20000 scholarly articles via the online databases. All registered students are encouraged to visit the Library and make use of its resources.


The Republic Bank Library’s Physical collections include approximately 1,000 items including books, annual reports, and DVDs. The majority of our collection is electronic based. Access is available to over 20,000 Journals through the online databases.

Written and visual aids have been provided to make it easier for you to use the Library resources.

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  • Phone: (868) 645 – 6700 ext. 108
  • Email: library@lokjackgsb.edu.tt

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