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The Role of Social Media in Engagement: A Communications Perspective

The era of unilateral communication is over. On the contrary, in the new social media-driven business model are the people who are dictating the nature, extent and context of marketing exchanges. As noted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, the ability to leverage relationships embodied in social networks will become one of the most transformative uses of the Internet.

5 Questions with Alumna Natalie David

1. What does innovation mean to you?

Evolving: becoming a better and more improved version of myself. This definition is so innate/fixated in my psyche that my companies all bear the name Kaizen (which means “continuous improvement” in Japanese).

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@gerlz_gigi1 @iAm_Neish maybe it should. Will you be fine having 2 classes in 1 week to meet the schedule to complete in time for exams?

Lok Jack GSB

Being creative is having the ability to see the realities in different ways & the capacity to change it –Prof. Carrillo #InnovationSaturday

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