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The Lok Jack GSB elevated its level of responsibility for leadership development in Trinidad and Tobago and the region through the launch of the Leadership Institute.


 The Leadership Institute

This Institute will provide the programmes and experiences to guide persons to attain greater success through leadership in their personal and professional lives. Leadership competences are expressed in measures of sustained success; the aura of leadership demonstrated in the attainment of a followership with shared principles. The institute will support and challenge individuals to understand and grow their sources of power so that their leadership will be expressed in the demonstration of competences to attain shared commitment.

In the past 22 years of its existence, the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, UWI built a strong local reputation that reflected the motto “Where leaders come to learn”. The School positioned itself as an institution that attracted and developed leaders. Indeed, many leaders of private organizations as well as public enterprises are alumni of the School, having benefited from the various Masters level and Executive Education programmes. In this time of globalization and an increasingly complex and competitive environment, the challenge is to produce leaders who are innovative, inspiring and exceptional. The new motto of the School, “Innovatus Ars Ducendi” or “Innovating the Art of Leadership” reflects this challenge and the Leadership Institute is the vehicle that will co-ordinate the School’s response.

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 Philosophy of Leadership

The Institute is guided by the philosophy of 'Leading from Above the Line©' The philosophy was developed through the research of Dr. Theodore Ferguson in over 70 countries.  It espouses that leadership development is directly related to one's personal development and understanding of humanity.  The leader develops by strengthening himself/herself in all of five sources of power:

  • Principle consciousness
  • Purpose
  • Emotional mastery
  • Understanding change
  • Knowledge empowerment

The process of self-development includes introspection, self-reflection, self-discovery and the application of principles to solve problems.

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 Alliances and Partnerships

The Lok Jack GSB Leadership Institute is a collaborative venture of the business school and 'Leading From Above the Line TT.' This not-for-profit organization is led by Dr. Theodore Ferguson and is committed to addressing leadership challenges in developing economies.

The Leadership Institute also invites the participation and contribution of interested organisations and individuals including:

  1. Universities in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Global universities and bodies with leadership initiatives that are aligned to those of the Leadership Institute
  3. Leaders of organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors

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 Leadership Educators and Researchers

Dr. Kamla Mungal

Dr. Kamla Mungal is the Director of the Lok Jack GSB Leadership Institute. She is also responsible for academic development and accreditation at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and teaches in the area of organisational behaviour and development. Since joining the Lok Jack GSB in 2007, Dr. Mungal has served on the Leadership Team and held several portfolios in the Academic Centre. She has led the development of programmes and faculty in the School’s drive to enhance its responsiveness to national and sectoral needs. She formalized the business school’s teaching philosophy, based on pragmatism and authentic teaching and learning. She also led the School’s re-accreditation exercise with the Association of MBAs in 2008 and the preparation for local accreditation from the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) in 2011.

Over the past years, she has taught at all levels of the education system and has inspired changes in the system. She worked with several improvement initiatives including the School Improvement Planning under the World Bank Fourth Basic Education Project. She has served as Principal of a primary school and received the award of Teacher of the Year 2004 for her change initiatives at the school.

Dr. Mungal’s leadership is demonstrated in the success of the various initiatives for which she was responsible. She develops her knowledge through continuous learning in broad fields of organizational behavior, her research on collaborative governance and partnerships and through her own practice in her daily tasks. She attended several leadership workshops including the New Leadership for an Innovative Edge at the Kellogg Executive Education James L. Allen Center, Northwestern University, Illinois and the Leadership Self-Discovery Retreat (8 days) from the Leading From Above the Line© TT.

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Dr. Theodore Ferguson

Dr. Theodore U. Ferguson is the Developer and Principal Leadership Educator for the Leading From Above The Line© programme.

Dr. Ferguson is a leadership educator by choice, a scientist by training, and a university lecturer and rural and agricultural development consultant by experience. He has worked and travelled to over 70 countries worldwide during which time he has taken the opportunity to study humanity and leadership issues across many cultures. He is a firm believer in the universality and basic goodness of humankind.

Dr. Ferguson has been involved in developing and conducting leadership-training programmes over the past fifteen years with a special focus on the development of senior executives, young professionals and the youth. He works internationally and his clients have included, international organisations, national and local governments (Ministerial Cabinets and Senior Public Servants), universities, state corporations, private companies, professionals and the youth.

Dr. Ferguson has been conducting research on leadership in South Africa and in the Caribbean since 1998. During that time he conceptualised and developed the programme, Leading From Above The Line©.

He holds the B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Agriculture from the University of the West Indies and is a Fellow of the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. He served as Research Fellow/Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of the West Indies (1971-1974 and 1978-1996) and Project Officer with the Caribbean Development Bank (1974-1978).

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Mr. Keith Thomas

Keith Thomas is an Executive in Residence at the Lok Jack GSB. His formative years in business saw him hold managerial and executive positions in the Caribbean subsidiaries of multinational organizations. He has successfully led organizations across the Caribbean, competing against both regional and international organizations, as well as selectively in the latter’s home markets.

Mr. Thomas, recently retired, was a Group Senior Vice President and Executive and Investment Committees’ member of one of the leading conglomerates in the Caribbean, Chairman of the Information Technology & Communications Business Unit of said conglomerate as well as CEO of companies for over 19 years. His conglomerate experience apart, Mr. Thomas continues to serve on Cabinet-appointed committees representing the business community, has chaired public, private and community sector boards and is an invited panelist/moderator at conferences internationally and regionally.

Mr. Thomas is a researcher and case-writer for the Leadership Institute. He holds an MBA from Henley College and a B.Sc. (Math) from the UWI.

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 Activities of the Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute offers:

  1. Self-Discovery Retreats
  2. Leadership Awareness Workshops
  3. Leadership Strengthening Workshops
  4. Case Writing
  5. Research

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 Contact Us

For more information, questions or comments, contact the Director at or call 645-6700 Ext. 342 or 142.

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The centre is located at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Max Richards Drive, Uriah Butler Highway, Northwest, Mount Hope.

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