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The International Center for Social Media Studies is an academic research centre focused on issues related to social media, founded on February 2015. Our team consists of academics with broad experience in research focused on social media and we also have the participation of experts in the field of digital marketing. This establishes a balance between concept and practical experience. The Center is based in Trinidad & Tobago for Caribbean operations and in Guatemala for Latin American operations.


Our purpose is based in three main activities:

  • Academic research:
    • Publishing academic papers;
    • Delivering lectures and participating in theme panels;
    • Generating Social Media-focused case studies for the School and third-parties;
    • On-demand studies
  • Permanent training
    • Open courses to general public in two formats: face-to-face, on line or hybrid.
    • In-Company customized courses.
    • MOOC (Massive On-line Open Courses)
    • Academic programmes:
  • Professional Certificate for Community Managers (Spanish)
  • Professional Certificate on Social Media Strategy (English)
  • Masters Programme in Digital Communication, Marketing and Advertising (English & Spanish)

*All courses may be delivered in English or Spanish

  • Consulting in digital strategy
    • Customized advisory on design, assessment, diagnosis and development of a digital strategy based on an in-house generated model content-focused. This advisory is targeted to companies and institutions form the public and private sectors.

Strategic alliances

  • Solucion Web, a Guatemalan company that offers digital services in Central America. Their staff is teaching a Google Apps Lab as part of the Social Media Programmes for which we are allowed to include Google’s logo in our certificates of attendance.
  • Campus TEC Guatemala, Guatemalan co-working space for technology based companies, for delivering the Social Media courses on their facilities and having their local endorsement.
  • Projects and activities
  • The in-house methodology, based on 70 indicators distributed in 5 categories, for advisory on social media strategy is already designed and tested.
  • Three programmes have already been designed:
    1. Professional Certificate for Community Managers (English and Spanish);
    2. Professional Certificate in Social Media Strategy (English and Spanish); 
    3. Masters Programme in Digital Communication, Marketing and Advertising (Spanish)
  • The launch of the Professional Certificate for Community Managers in Guatemala is scheduled for October 3rd with Google and Campus TEC endorsement
  • On-going costing process to launch the Professional Certificate in Social Media Strategy for Trinidad. Launch scheduled for late 2015 or early 2016.
  • 20 training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences have been taught by Albertina Navas, Director of the Center, with a total of 100 hours, distributed as following:
‘Social networks as growing tools’ (Customized workshop for Claro Centroamérica (telecom) middle managers

Guatemala. February, 11th, 2015


‘Introduction to Social Media Strategy’ (Webinar for SME’s owners in Central America)

Guatemala. February, 25th, 2015


Social Media Week: Social Media Strategy desing (2); Facebook (2); Twitter (2), How to build your own web page? (2); Social media analytics (2) (Open courses to the public)

Guatemala. February, March 2nd – 6th, 2015


Webinar: How to Measure your Social Media Impact (Open to the public)

Trinidad & Tobago. March, March 17th


‘Social media Strategy Lab’ (Customized Workshop for the Guatemalan Asociation of Exporters, Agexport)

Guatemala. March, 26th


'Digital Strategy and social media' (Customized seminar for Inforum SAP Business One VIP clients)

Guatemala. March, 19th, 2015


'Your on line personal brand’ (Customized seminar for the Asociattion of Economists and Accountants)

Guatemala. March, 27th, 2015


‘Twitter Lab’ (Customized workshop for Solucion Web digital team)

Guatemala. May,14th – 19th, 2015


'My on line personal brand’ (Conference for Claro Centroamérica (telecom) providers

Guatemala. May, 14th, 2015


Webinar 'Crafting your Social Media Strategy'

Trinidad & Tobago. May 19th, 2015


‘Twitter & business’ (Conference for undegraduate students of the School of Communication of Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja)

Webinar. June, 19th, 2015


‘Social Media & Digital Strategy Lab’ (Customized workshop for the SME’s Masters Programme in Guatemala)

Guatemala. June, 19th, 20th, 23th, 25th, 30th, 2015


Worskhop: Measuring & Improving your Social Media Impact (Open course)

Trinidad & Tobago. July, 9th -10th, 2015


‘Digital Strategy & Social Media) (Open webinar)

Guatemala. July, 28 th, 2015


‘Social Media, Citizens & Politics’ (Customized workshop for the Ministry of Trade, Communication and Investment of Trinidad & Tobago)

Trinidad & Tobago. August, 10th – 11th, 2015


‘Personal Branding for the Web’ (Seminar customized for ALJGSB Leadership Team)

Trinidad & Tobago. August, 12th, 2015


‘Content curation resources’ (Customized workshop for ALJGSB delegates from each unit)

Trinidad & Tobago. August, 12th, 2015


‘Writing for the Web’ (Customized workshop for ALJGSB delegates from each unit)

Trinidad & Tobago. August, 13th, 2015


‘Writing for Social Media’ (Customized workshop for ALJGSB delegates from each unit)

Trinidad & Tobago. August, 14th, 2015


‘Your on line personal brand’ (Conference at the Latin American Congress of Development & Management, CLADE 2015)

Antigua (Guatemala). August, 28th, 2015




Board Members


Albertina Navas, PhD (c) (Ecuador). PhD candidate in Communications, MBA and Master in Digital Journalism. In her 15 years of experience, she has been dedicated to investigative journalism and international coverage of business and technology issues in Latin America, the Caribbean, USA, Asia and Europe. She also has several years of consulting experience in entrepreneurship, university teaching and executive training in more than a dozen educational institutions and public and private companies in Ecuador, China, Trinidad and Tobago and Guatemala. She was invited as a member of the expert panel of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Ecuador Chapter and participated in discussions of the Plan of Electronic Government of Ecuador. In addition, her name appears in the ranking of the most influential people on the internet in Ecuador, according to international consultancy Llorente & Cuenca. She currently serves as Programme Director of the Master of Small and Medium Enterprise Management, and Director of the Center for Social Media Studies for the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. She lives in Guatemala, where she lectures and gives workshops in Marketing and digital communication. Read more at: and


Prof. Miguel Carrillo, PhD (Mexico). He is one of the most sought after experts in the area of Strategy and Innovation of governments in several continents and multilateral organizations like the World Bank, the Inter-american Development Bank and private sector organisations such as Ernst and Young, Coca Cola, CEMEX Volkswagen, Novartis, among others. He also generously shares his time, knowledge and experience with non-profit organisations and NGOs. He has lectured in more than 15 countries in 3 different languages; and has been a visiting professor at MIT, the University of Massachusetts, HEC Paris and the University of Texas at Austin. He has published in several international journals and was the principal investigator of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Project in Chile, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname, and is the pioneer and champion of other research for the region in the area of Business Analytics, Cluster Mapping, Sustainable Innovation and Governance among others. He has a PhD in Strategy in conjunction with the Concordia and McGill Universities in Montreal, Canada. Previous positions include Dean of the Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management, Miami Campus; Dean of the Technological Institute School of Business, of Monterrey, Mexico; Finance Manager, Hewlett Packard; McKinsey & Company Association of Consultants. Since 2009, he assumed the position of Executive Director and Professor of Strategy at Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, The University of West Indies.

Adi Montas, MA. (Dominican Republic). More than fifteen years of experience in consumer products (food and beverages) and services (Education) with a strong focus on developing and launching new products, Generation and capitalization of Consumer Insights, Marketing: brand and marketing strategies. She has vast experience in consolidating and maintaining leading brands and repositioning of non- leading brands. Multicultural experience: exposure to markets in Latin America and the Caribbean (in English speaking countries and Spanish speaking ones.) She has worked in multinational companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, Barcelo Export Import, CxA , Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana . She currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Recruitment, the Director of Latin American Operations in Guatemala and also as Adjunct Faculty at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. More information here.

José Luis Orihuela, PhD (Argentina/Spain). Doctorate in Communication and MA in Journalism. Professor of Communication in Multimedia and New Media at the School of Communication at the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain). Visiting professor and lecturer in 26 countries in Latin America and Europe. He is a blogger, author of almost 15 academic journals and has written 10 books on the impact of Internet in the media, business and education. These include: 'Twitter World' (2011), “80 clues about the future of journalism” (2011) and "The Revolution of the blogs' (2006). Editor of eCuaderno blogs (since 2002) and Weblog Digital Media (since 2009). Additionally, he is an active user of Twitter: jlori (since 2007). Some of his awards include: Chairman of the Jury of the iRedes Awards (2011-present), International Jury of the Iberoamerican Congress on Social Networking (Burgos, Spain), also International Juror for the Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards (Germany), was the Guest of Honor in 2002 (Cartagena, Colombia) and won the Outstanding Doctorate Award 1993 (Spain). More information here:

Carlos Galeas De La Vega, PhD (Colombia). Doctorate in Communication, Master of Strategic Marketing, Branding, Communication and Corporate Identity and Engineer in visual communication and advertising. A consultant and certified instructor, he is also an expert in strategic communication, digital, advertising and visual, corporate image, branding, marketing 3.0, relational, social and neo Media. He has over 20 years of international experience as a presidential, government and institutional advisor in some countries in the region, an advisor to candidates and integrated political communication projects, member of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), Latin American Association of Political Consultants (ALACOP), Latin American Institute for Communication Policy (ICP), the Latin American Network Strategic strategists and regional associations of direct and interactive marketing. He currently works as an independent consultant, corporate coach and university teacher, and has authored some specialized publications and articles on topics such as digital communication, ICT and market related trends.

Israel Vázquez Márquez, PhD (Spain). Doctorate in Information Sciences, Masters in Information Society and Knowledge and Bachelor of Journalism. He also has a postgraduate degree in Cultural Innovation: arts, digital media and popular culture. He is currently a research professor of the Technical University of Loja (UTPL) in the Department of Communication Sciences. He has been a visiting researcher at the School of Literature, Media, and Communication (Atlanta , USA) and a member of the research group Semiotics, Communication and Culture of the Complutense University of Madrid. His research focuses on 1) cyberworlds, virtual reality and video games, 2) popular music and new technologies, and 3) Semiotics and analysis of media texts . More information in:

Matías Santana, PhD (Venezuela/Spain). PhD in Organisation and Management, Capella University, Minneapolis, (2013). Master in Business Administration (MBA) Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration (IESA), Caracas, 1998. Civil Engineer, Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas (1989). He has over 15 years experience in higher education institutions as a Senior Lecturer at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. He has held various academic leadership positions including Director of the Master in Banking and Finance at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. He has also been a consultant and director of several research projects in manufacturing and service companies of Ecuador, and is the author of several international publications.

Matthew Carpenter, MA. (Canada). Writer in technology, Latin Americanist, social entrepreneur and digital democracy activist themes. He has an extensive career in the public and private sectors and NGOs. and has a BA in American and Spanish Literature at St. Thomas University (USA) and a Master of Languages at the University of Oxford (UK). He served as Manager of Latin America Partner for Twitter and for three years, was Manager of Online Partnerships Group for Google Inc. He was also a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum and is currently Director of Business Development of the Central Group and a regular contributor to TheNextWeb.Com, and has his own blog:

Esther Vargas, MA (Peru). Journalist, Master in Digital Journalism , professor at the Universities of Guadalajara in Mexico, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University. She is the Director of and Head of Social Media of Andina and El Peruano (Peruvian State public media). She has trained in digital tools, new media and social networks to newspapers and organizations from Peru, Argentina , Mexico , Brazil , Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Guatemala and El Salvador. More information here.

Ivanna Zauzich, MA. (Colombia). With a background in law and political science, she devoted herself to journalism. She has a Master of International Humanitarian Rights and has written for Soho, Gestión, El Comercio, Líderes, among other publications in Ecuador and Colombia . Since 2012 she has been passionate about real-time coverage and digital strategies and has taken courses at Google Analytics, online reputation building and online crisis management, digital marketing, among others. She is currently Head community manager at Ximah Digital and also editor of the food blog:



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