Build competencies in human resource management, leadership and business to enhance organizational competitiveness and efficiency

MHRM Overview

The Master of Human Resource Management programme is designed to develop a cadre of global HRM practitioners, who are equipped with leadership skills and can provide the nexus between HR, Business Strategy and the “bottom” line, to function in a rapidly changing competitive and global environment.   This programme is highly suitable for candidates seeking career growth or persons desirous of transitioning into the field of MHRM.

Benefits of the MHRM

  • Career Mobility: prepares you to be functional while providing you with
    enhanced technical competences
  • Specialized course of study: prepares you to become an expert in the HR field
  • World class Faculty: experienced practitioners and academics
  • International Study Trip
  • Blended Learning: provides a combination of group work, case studies,
    individual projects and exams
  • Networking opportunities: membership in Student Chapter of Society for
    Human Resource Management

Programme Structure

The MHRM programme is delivered on a part time basis over a period of two & a half (2 ½) years. Classes are scheduled primarily on evenings (5.30pm – 8.30pm) and weekends (all day).

The courses are divided into:

  • Six (6) workshops (5 face-to-face & 1 online)
  • 12 core courses
  • 2 concentrations
  • 1 non-credit course
  • Practicum

The academic year is broken into three trimesters: January-April, May-August & SeptemberDecember with Exams taking place in April, August and December respectively.

Class participation is mandatory and there is an 80% class attendance requirement.

* The offering of electives is determined based on interest indicated by the student body
and requires at least ten (10) persons per elective or specialization. The Arthur Lok Jack
GSB reserves the right to discontinue the offering of electives or specializations should
the quorum fall beneath the stipulated number

Benefits of the Lok Jack GSB

Institutional Accreditation

  • Locally accredited by Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) Institutional accreditation
  • GATE Funding available for eligible individuals
  • UWI-Lok Jack GSB community with more than 2,000 alumni Featured alumni
  • Local and International Faculty o Academic Faculty who have done extensive research in business education internationally
  • Practioners who are business owners and have successful operations and expansions in many territories
  • Faculty who facilitate learning and ensure you have grasp concepts for each area of business in this specialty
  • Networking opportunities
  • Mentorship opportunities with prominent Alumni
    • Bizbooster
    • HigherEd EFMD Global Career Services § International Study Trip
  • Access the UWI´s Facilities (Library, Study rooms, etc. – include here what they actually have access to)

To educate extraordinary innovative leaders who positively reshape business and society

Entry Requirements

  • First degree with Honors or a minimum GPA of 2.0 from a recognized or
    accredited University and two (2) years of working experience (in the HR field)

Additionally, applicants are required to be computer literate (i.e. Microsoft Office
Proficient and Internet Savvy)

  • Supervisors
  • HR Professionals
  • IR Negotiators
  • Other Professionals looking for a career change.


  • Preparation for Authentic Learning 1 – Teambuilding (8 hrs)
  • Preparation for Authentic Learning 2 – Programme Overview with PD (6 hrs)
  • Preparation for Authentic Learning 3 – Experiential Teambuilding (Coast Guard) (6 hrs)
  • Math Clinic (9 hrs)
  • Authentic Teaching & Learning Approaches (8 hrs)

Core Courses

  • Microeconomics for Management Decision Making
  • Organizational Behavior & Development
  • Fundamentals of Leadership


  • Team Review (8 hrs)
  • Global Awareness for Corporate Decision-Making

Core Courses

  • Macroeconomics and the International Business Environment
  • Marketing Management for the Emerging Business Leader
  • Financial Statement Analysis for Global Firms


  • Finance and Accounting (6 hrs- Online)
  • Group Coaching Session (2 hrs)
  • Practicum Launch (3)
  • Elective / Concentration Briefing Session (mandatory) (2 hrs)
  • Spanish (36 hrs)

Core Courses

  • Governance and Ethics in a Stakeholder Economy
  • Business Analytics and Quantitative Analysis Models for Decision Making


  • Introduction to Management Accounting (6 hrs – Online)
  • Practicum-based workshops
    • Business Plan Preparation (24) OR
    • Professional Engagement in Organizations (24)
  • Group Coaching Session (2 hrs)
  • Research Methods (36 hrs)

Core Courses

  • Management Accounting for Growth Oriented Firms
  • Strategy Options for Business Growth


  • Group Coaching Session

Core Courses

  • Contemporary Human Resource Management Systems
  • Technology Systems Driving Competitive Advantage
  • Process and Operations Management


Core Courses

  • Managing Networks and Internationalizations
  • Concentration Elective 1
  • Concentration Elective 2

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