• A vast pool of subject matter and industry experts to draw upon for each engagement.
  •  Qualified practitioners in fields such as OD and HR.
  • Certified Organisational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Assessment Centre Designers, Behavioural and Technical Assessors.

Global Perspective

  • ODAC has longstanding, strategic partnerships with international experts and institutions, to support and guide out approach and methodology.
  • We consider global best practice and benchmarks in all our engagements.


  • Over 25 years’ of strategically impacting organisations and their employees through research, consulting, training and development.

Customised Solutions

  • We consider your vision, mission, operating industry and environment when crafting a solution.
  • Our approach requires a collaborative and supportive relationship with our clients to ensure positive impact and sustainability.

Diagnostic Tools

  • Consultants who are trained and certified in a range of diagnostic tools.
  • Scientific tools which are highly reliable and valid.
  • Identification of root causes and measurement of longitudinal impact of our engagements.


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