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ACTT Accreditation

The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) is an institutional accreditation awarding body whose endorsement is based on the degree to which an institution have met and exceeded their criteria and standards.
The Lok Jack GSB, having gone through this rigorous process of mission driven institution accreditation, is the proud recipient of the maximum seven (7) years accreditation awarded by ACTT. This reward has come after months of dedicated and committed work by the entire of the Lok Jack GSB family including all stakeholders.

The Lok Jack GSB is the fourth (4th) institution to receive ACTT Accreditation and the first (1st) School of Business to receive the award. This is a tremendous achievement for the school and the nation and augurs well for the business community in Trinidad and Tobago. This has been supported by the ACTT External Evaluators when they stated the employers have indicated that the Lok Jack GSB is producing the types of graduates that are needed in businesses.

What does this endorsement mean?

The endorsement of the institutional quality by ACTT means that stakeholders can be confident that the institution is employing the best quality resources in the most efficient way to assure the quality of our output. By meeting and exceeding the criteria and standards set by ACTT, the Lok Jack GSB has demonstrated its excellence in the following areas:

    1. Mission and Purpose
    2. Governance and Administration
    3. Teaching and Learning
    4. Preparedness for Change
    5. Continuous Improvements

Stakeholders can therefore be assured that the programmes being developed, the business training offered and the research output generated by the school are relevant to the needs of specific sectors and industries since all the five (5) areas listed above work together to produce this desired output.

The Lok Jack GSB now belongs to an elite group of schools who have volunteered to put themselves through the most rigorous test of quality and have been successful. We therefore now share an increased responsibility as a top ranked business school with great expectations by all stakeholders to continue being relevant, offering worthwhile programmes and transforming the business community and the society by transforming the lives of those with whom we are charged.

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AMBA Accreditation

Association of MBAs (AMBA) accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education and is earned only by the best programmes. It is an assurance of quality of programmes by the top MBA accreditation body in the world.

The Lok Jack GSB has attained programme accreditation through the AMBA in March 2009 for a five (5) year period and will be up for re-accreditation in 2013. The Lok Jack therefore is amongst a small percentage of schools whose programme quality and credibility is endorsed by the best programme accreditation agency in the world. The Lok Jack GSB therefore has met the highest standards for programme development based on the criteria and standards set out by AMBA.

This achievement means that all stakeholders can be assured that programmes, from design to delivery, has gone through a rigorous process to ensure the highest quality. Students who graduate from the programmes therefore are exposed to relevant content and experiences which will prepare them well for the business world and employers are assured that they are hiring the best qualified managers and employees.

accreditation coupled with institutional accreditation is the ideal combination since it speaks to the organization’s ability to use all resources in the most efficient way to ensure quality. Lok Jack GSB has received both programme accreditation (AMBA) and institutional accreditation (ACTT).

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