In-Company Customised MBA’s

The Customised In-Company MBA is our standard MBA programme in which all the workshops, assignments, projects, Practicum and some of the core courses, are 100% customised to meet your Company’s needs and to build the intellectual and executional capacity to overcome current and future challenges.

This delivery model is intrinsically tied to the core principle of the Business School to deliver authentic learning. This programme is designed and executed in tandem with the organisation, based on their specific needs and future goals. The content is crafted in consultation with the Company’s top management and visionaries, so that the received knowledge, assignments and projects are implemented in the company to achieve greater competitiveness.

A significant advantage of the Customised MBA is that at least 50% of the programme hours are customised to meet the Company’s context and demands, thus ensuring relevance and applicability of the material covered. Participants of this programme are equipped with an enhanced capacity to lead, analyse, strategise and execute. By partnering with the UWI-ALJGSB on this initiative, the company sends a clear message to its employees about its commitment to high performance, by investing in its human capital.

In-Company Customised MBA’s

“To-date employees enrolled in the programme have demonstrated enthusiasm and an added commitment to organisation. One of the IMBA students has already displayed improvement in our internal communication process and has taken an integral role in the launch of the Company’s 1st Employee Newsletter.

- Miguel Sierra,
CEO & Managing Director – Caribbean , Pan American Life Insurance Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited

“We have seen an improvement in the performance of the enrolled staff in the areas of analysis and critical thinking. Many of our employees have used the Credit Union for their course projects and this has further driven home the connection between the academia and actual business practices.

This initiative has proven to be beneficial to Eastern as it will inform our succession and development plan in a timeframe will that allow the employees to develop as they learn. We mention that through unsolicited feedback the students of both, Eastern and all other partners in the programme have expressed their enthusiasm & support for the initiative especially the fact that they can appreciate the relevance of the what is discussed in the classroom to their jobs.

We look forward to continued mutually beneficial relationship in the future.”

- Bhushan Singh,
Former Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Credit Union

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