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Distinguished Leadership & Innovation Conference (DLIC)

The Distinguished Leadership & Innovation Conference series (DLIC) is known for inspiring thought-provoking concepts while creating an interactive environment where Caribbean and Latin American Leaders can discuss the challenges and potential solutions for issues faced within this region. Second to none, the event solicits between 400-600 leaders from both public and private sectors, and as such, over the years DLIC has earned a reputation as the largest premier leadership conference.

The event has remained committed to the mission of sharing proven success theories, inspiring innovative leadership and creating a path for the development of our region by featuring renowned gurus, such as Ram Charan, John Kotter and Professor Michael Porter just to name a few.

In 2012, the DLIC commemorated its 10th anniversary with Malcolm Gladwell. The four-time international bestselling author and one of Time Magazine's most influential persons, shared insights on the lives of
phenomenally successful people and assisted in decoding the secrets behind some our well-known Caribbean Outliers. DLIC 2013 featured best-selling author & leadership expert, Marcus Buckingham.

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Women In Leadership Conference Series

The Women in Leadership Series was created by the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business to inspire the development of leadership and growth of women across both the private and public sectors in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

Each conference in the series allows people in the business, government and academic sectors, to learn from a distinguished number of global experts about a wide range of business topics that are intrinsic to women in the workforce, and which in turn impact their respective organisations and the region as a whole.

The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to women's leadership and women's role in organisational dynamics. It will also facilitate the sharing of insights and strategies, with a view to empowering women to advance to the next level in their careers.

Previous International speakers have included Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman and Dr. Lois Frankel in 2011 and Libby Gill in 2013.

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