No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.”- Epictetus

Business Incubator

Business incubators are programs designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts.

Commercial Business Incubation

Impact / Uniqueness / Positioning

Incubators vary in the way they deliver their services, in their organizational structure, and in the types of clients they serve. Successful completion of a business incubation program increases the likelihood that a startup company will stay in business for the long term: some studies found 87% of incubator graduates stayed in business, in contrast to 44% of all firms. A commercial business incubator (CBI) will be able to generate revenue from some for its services and get dividends or income from graduated companies after some time (usually between 4 to 6 years)

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